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What Are Veins?

Thread veins are tiny veins that appear most commonly on the cheeks, nose and legs. Small thread veins are red, but larger ones look purplish.
They have many names, including:

  • spider veins
  • broken veins (not an accurate name, because they are not actually broken)
  • capillary veins.

Normally, the tiny veins in the skin are invisible, but in some people they expand and show through the skin. One cause of this is too much exposure to the sun over the years. Another is pregnancy or oestrogen treatment. They may also be inherited. Thread veins are more obvious after mid-life, when the skin becomes thinner and loses some of its collagen. Laser Vein removal or sclerotherapy to reduce unwanted veins.



Sclerotherapy can only be performed by a fully trained Medical Injector.

A Prescriptive solution is injected into the vein, this solution irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing them to collapse and stick together. Your body then see's this as waste and flushes it away naturally.

Sclerotherapy is performed for leg vein's that laser cannot treat.

Dependent on how many veins are needed to be treated, as to whether a course of treatment would be best.

Treatment time is around 60 minutes

After the treatment you would expect some slight swelling and redness in the area, the legs can feel tender for a couple of days after procedure.

You must wear support/compression stockings for 2 weeks after treatment, or when your practitioner advises you to.

Treatment intervals are every 12 weeks.


Laser Vein Removal.....

Laser Vein Removal is a highly effective treatment to treat unsightly veins to the face and body.

The Laser beam targets the vein, which creates heat to cauterize and disperse the vein.

Results are better with laser if the veins are thick, this will be assessed at the consultation. If they are a lot finer, advanced electrolysis maybe the better option.

On average you are looking at a minimum of 3 treatments, every 4-6 weeks.

After the treatment there will be some slight swelling in the area, and can look like a "cat scratch" effect, but will all calm within a couple of hours.

Advanced Electrolysis.....

Advanced Electrolysis is another method to reduce unwanted veins.

This treatment is best for the finer veins (around the nose) this treatment is also great for removing cherry spots (blood spot).

The use of a fine probe and heat to cauterize and reduce the lesion.

On average again you are looking at a minimum of 3 treatments every 4-6 weeks.

After the procedure you would expect some redness which will calm down within a couple of hours. You may experience a little scabbing, whilst the skin is healing and repairing.

This Treatment can also remove Skin Tags, Warts, Verruca's, Milia and Cyst's