Advanced Electrolysis

This is a simple amazing treatment to offer for various concerns.

If you have milia (white spots), skin tags, warts, verruca’s, thread veins, cambell de morgans (cherry spots), seborrheic warts, cysts this would be the best procedure.

The use of a fine probe cauterising or removing with heat.

Great results!

Prices: Most Treatments only require one treatment, however vein removal requires a minimum of 3 treatments. Price dependent on size of area, prices are quoted in minutes, which will be discussed on consultation.

Treatment                             Per Treatment                                  Course of 3                                     Course of 6

15 Minutes                                £50                                                       £135                                                 £270

30 Minutes                                £92                                                       £248                                                 £497

45 Minutes                               £135                                                      £365                                                £729