Laser Vein Removal

Say goodbye to visible spider veins with the latest technology, with advanced laser.

Laser vein removal is a highly effective treatment, reducing the veins dramatically over a period of time.

There are several causes for spider veins, pregnancy, hereditary, hormones, the list is endless.

We can treat spider veins to all areas, the most common areas being the face and legs.


How Does It Work?

Laser Vein Removal works by a specific wavelength of light over the skin. This heats the vessel, once treated the vessel will appear to look a lot darker, this shows visible signs of damage to the vessel. Over the next 2 to 6 weeks after treatment your bodies lymphatic system will remove the broken down vessel.

We can treat most skin types with laser vein removal, an initial free consultation will determine if you are suitable for this treatment.

There are certain veins we cannot treat with the laser, if the veins are too big we would recommend to have sclerotherapy with our nurse prescriber. We cannot treat varicose veins, if you do have a varicose, I would highly recommend to have those treated first as they will be feeding the spider veins. (more chance of the vessel returning after treatment)


How Many Treatments Would I Need?

When it comes to laser vein removal we recommend a minimum of 3 treatments, with a treatment interval of every 4 weeks. Each individual can respond differently and more treatments maybe required, however we do have a very high success rate after 3 treatments. This will be discussed in your initial free consultation.


Price List

Treatment Area                                                             Per Treatment                                    Course of 3                                 Course of 6

Laser Vein Removal Small Area (Face)                             £94                                                     £255                                           £451

Laser Vein Removal Large Area (Legs)                            £151                                                    £415                                           £724


Real Client's Before and After Photos


This Is the Result After 3 Laser Sessions