Skin Tags

Skin Tags can be annoying and embarrassing.

They can be small or large, soft, skin colored growths that hang off the skin and look a bit like warts.

They're very common, harmless and can vary in colour and size.

Skin tags are usually found on the neck, armpits, around the groin, or under the breasts. They can also grow on the eyelids or under the folds of the buttocks.

Why Skin Tags Occur

Skin tags are made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by the skin. Collagen is a type of protein found throughout the body.

Both men and women can develop skin tags. They tend to occur in older people and people who are obese or have type 2 diabetes.

Pregnant women may also be more likely to develop skin tags as a result of changes in their hormone levels. Some people develop them for no apparent reason. 

Skin tags tend to grow in the skin folds, where the skin rubs against itself, such as the neck, armpits or groin. This is why they tend to affect overweight people who have excess folds of skin and skin chafing.

How do you remove Skin Tags?

Skin tags are removed by a treatment called Advanced Electrolysis.

A fine probe and heat are used to remove the lesion and cauterize. A simple procedure which can feel like a hot pin prick or a quick bee sting. 

After the treatment there would be a small mark where the tag has been removed but this will eventually disappear over the next 2 weeks as you body will heal and repair the skin.





Prices Advanced Electrolysis

Treatment                    Per Treatment                    Course of 3                    Course of 6

15 minutes                                £50                                                  £135                                             £270

30 minutes                                £92                                                  £248                                             £497

45 minutes                                £135                                                £365                                             £729


Skin tag removal you are looking at just one treatment from £50, the more we have to treat the more minutes would be needed to remove.