There are several reasons as to why you get open pores. Oily skin can cause the pores to block, which can result in inflammation within the pores.
This inflammation and extra sebum causes build-up and stretches the walls of the pore canal. Ultimately, with this constant stretching, the elasticity of the pores reduces, and the opening becomes larger.

Excess exposure to sunlight damages the collagen in the skin ultimately reducing elasticity as well, which in turn leads to increased pore size. Ageing, due to the degradation of natural proteins which maintain the skin’s texture and complexion, the skin loses its elasticity and has pores which are bigger.

Chemical peels combined with Genuine Dermaroller will help to reduce the appearance of pores, with the peel removing the oils and the Dermaroller stimulating collagen production.

Peels start from £50,

Dermaroller from £182.