Time to Ditch the Razor for Laser!........

Have you had enough of waxing and tweezing them hairs out? Why not try Laser Hair Removal? The most effective form of hair removal to permanently reduce unwanted hairs.  No more having to grow the hairs to be waxed, no more scarring the skin tissue from plucking the hairs out!

Why Future Skin?

 Future Skin offer the best forms of hair removal. We have the most talked about "Cynosure Elite MD Laser Machine", with the" Alexandrite" and "ND Yag" built into one machine to treat all our clients safely and effectively. The Laser machine we have can treat all skin types and ethnicity.

Future Skin offer amazing prices for Laser Hair Removal, our prices are very competitive and if that wasn't enough with our great loyalty scheme we have in place, you will be rewarded with a free treatment up to the value of £100 after your sixth treatment with us!

Most of our clients at Future Skin are referred from friends and family who have had treatment with us and who have seen the amazing results!

The difference at Future Skin is you will see the same clinical practitioner from day one, as some treatments we offer are up close and personal the last thing you want is to see a different practitioner on each appointment you attend. This is why Future Skin's clients refer us to their friends and family, as they are happy, confident and have consistency with their treatments. 


What Are The Causes Of Excess Hair?

Over the years I have seen many clients with unwanted hair in areas that really effect their life's. They feel that they are on there own and that they are abnormal, that is certainly not the case and luckily enough for them technology has come along so well that we have these treatments to offer them to change their life's forever!

People sometimes are not sure why they have this hair, here is some understanding.

Excess Hair growth can be either normal or abnormal, and may stem from a number of causes.

Topical hair growth is caused by irritation of the skin caused by friction, resulting in an increased blood supply. The hair follicles receive more nutrients which then cause a stronger, thicker hair.

Congenital hair growth is an inherited predisposition to excessive hair all over the body, a person can be born with this or it can appear in later life.

Systemic this includes normal hair growth caused by hormones at puberty, pregnancy, menopause and abnormal hair growth caused by a hormonal imbalance due to disease, tumour, surgery, medicine or emotional stress.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome, anorexia nervosa, medication all have an effect of hormone imbalance which stimulates the male hormone Androgen’s resulting in masculine hair growth patterns. 


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser Hair removal works by the beam of light attracting to the pigment (Colour) of the hair follicle, heat travels down the follicle, this destroys the follicle and prevents further regrowth.

Treatment intervals every 4-8 weeks. This is due to the hair cycle; we need to catch the hair in the Anagen (early) growth stage.

Treatment averages 6-9 sessions. This is because about only 15% of the hairs are in the Anagen stage on each appointment.

You do not have to grow the hairs like waxing, the day before your appointment you will need to shave the area we are treating.

Commitment from the client is also key to get the best results long intervals in between treatments can effect efficiency of the treatment, which will then incur more expense for more treatments.

Who Is Suitable For Laser Hair Removal?

At Future Skin we have invested in the very best laser machine, it is the most effective and safest laser machine to treat all skin types.

Laser Hair removal is the way forward if you suffer with hirsutism (excessive hair) or if you simply do not have the time to shave due to a busy lifestyle then laser is definitely for you.

The Alexandrite will treat skin types I-IV  and the ND Yag will treat skin types IV-VI.

Laser hair removal only works on dark hairs, if you have Very pale blonde, red, grey or white hair are not suitable for laser. For these tones we would recommend electrolysis.

Real Clients at Future Skin

Before                                                                                                           After 6 Treatments


before-laser-3                                                               before-laser-7

Price List

⁄Treatment Area (one area only per price)            Per Treatment            Course of 3            Course of 6

Ears, Eyebrows or Glabella                                           £25                               £68                          £120 



Upper Lip,Fingers,Glabella & Eyebrows,

Hairline or Cheeks                                                         £44                                £115                        £220



Chin,Hands,Feet,Toes,Navel,Buttock crease,

Nipples,Sideburns or Knees                                          £50                               £135                         £250



Classic Bikini,Underarms,Front/back neck,

Hands & Fingers,Back legs,Feet & Toes                        £60                                £172                         £300

or Inner thigh.                                                                                                                                    


Lip & Chin, Hands & Feet or Full Neck                          £68                                £183                         £332



Brazilian Bikini,Abdomen,Lower/Upper Arms,

or Shoulders                                                                  £81                                £219                         £405



Bikini Hollywood,3/4 Arms,Beard,Lower Face

Upper/Lower Back,Buttocks or Chest                           £90                                  £243                        £450



Full Face,Lower Legs or Chest & Abdomen                 £125                                £337                        £620



Full arms inc u/arms,Beard inc Neck,Thighs/

Upper legs or Full Back                                                £144                                £389                        £720



Back & Shoulders or Full Legs                                     £173                                £468                        £864




Hair Packages With Amazing Savings!

Treatment Areas                                              Course of 3                                              Course of 6 


Hair Free from head to toe                                       £1400                                                     £2250

                                                                          Saving £794!                                          Saving £2138!


Women's Package 1

( Brazilian Bikini,Underarm,Lower Leg)                    £540                                                       £960

                                                                           Saving £188!                                         Saving £365!


Women's Package 2

(Brazilian Bikini,Underarm,Full Leg)                        £688                                                        £1224

                                                                           Saving £171!                                         Saving £345!


Women's Package 3 

(Brazilian Bikini,Full arms,Full Leg)                         £864                                                       £1536

                                                                           Saving £212!                                         Saving £453!


Men's Package 1

(Back & Shoulders,Cheeks,Chest &                       £796                                                       £1416

Stomach)                                                            Saving £124!                                        Saving £288!                                                  


Men's Package 2

(Back & Shoulders,Buttock,Chest &                       £807                                                       £1435

Stomach)                                                           Saving £241!                                         Saving £499!


Men's Package 3

(Back & Shoulders,Beard inc Neck,                       £999                                                       £1776

Chest & Stomach)                                             Saving £195!                                         Saving £428!