Electrolysis Hair Removal

Although technology has come a long way over the years to reduce unwanted hair with the use of laser machines, electrolysis is still a very popular treatment.

Electrolysis is a great treatment to treat the hairs laser cannot, white or red hairs will not respond to laser due to the lack of pigment.

This treatment today is mainly for facial hair, years ago people would spend a lot of commitment out of their busy lifestyles to treat bikini, legs and other body areas.

Electrolysis can be a very time consuming treatment for the client and therapist, and the treatment needs to be performed correctly to ensure you get the desired result.

The number of treatments required will vary from person to person as each client will have a different density of hair growth (e.g. there may be between 50 hairs and 500 hairs packed into a small area of skin tissue, whilst some clients will have less hair which is spaced out). This means that each treatment course will vary, and therefore no actual figure can be put on the number of treatments required, but you will quickly feel and see a difference giving you the confidence to continue with your treatment course.

You will need to have regular appointments over a period of time (at least a year if not more) for most areas. Not all our hair is growing at the same time, and it can be quite a shock to find that those 3 or 4 hairs on your chin could actually be 30 or more hairs ‘taking turns’ to grow! On top of this hair thickness, skin sensitivity, dryness and other factors affect how quickly each hair can be eliminated. Appointment times can vary from as little as 15 minutes to as much as several hours, depending on how large an area needs to be treated.

A free non obligation consultation will be required before treatment is performed. We will take the time to assess and discuss areas of concerns and any questions you may have for us. *Please ensure there is hair visible on the consultation day*



Treatment                                          Per Treatment                                         Course of 3                                              Course of 6

15 Minutes                                               £20                                                            £54                                                           £108                                                           

30 Minutes                                              £45                                                             £122                                                         £243


45 Minutes                                              £75                                                             £202                                                         £400

We can tailor the time required to each individual, so if more time is required we can discuss during consultation and give you a set price.