There are 2 types of sweat glands found on the body.

  1. Eccrine glands are simple sweat producing glands; these are found over most of the body. These glands are responsive to heat; they continue to secret small amounts of sweat to maintain the body’s temperature at 36.8 Celsius.
  2. Apocrine glands are found in the armpit, the nipples and groin area. This gland is larger than the eccrine and is attached to a hair follicle. These glands are controlled by hormones, becoming active at puberty. They also increase in activity when we are excited or nervous. The fluid secreted from this gland is a lot thicker and for clients who suffer excess sweating can be very embarrassing.

Excess sweating medically known as hyperhidrosis can be a very embarrassing concern for people who suffer, there are over a million people who do suffer with this condition, so you are not alone.

At Future Skin we offer the best most advanced technology to help eliminate excessive sweating by injecting Botox to the area of concern.

Most common areas of concern are armpits, palm of your hands, and soles of your feet.

Treatment will be required every 6 months.

Prices start from £350